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    Work-related Values

    People who are most satisfied with their work, usually have taken time to review and assess their values in relation to their work, establish their priorities and identify those situations in which expectations are likely to be met.

    Personal Exercise:

       Make a list of the items that "bug" you in your
          present work situation.  (List 5 to 15 items)

       Take these items and place them in a positive
          light. (e.g. My boss tells me exactly what
          needs to be done, establishes perimeters and
          then lets me get it done my way)

       Rank the statements in:

        Order of importance to you

        Those expectation that must be fulfilled

        Which values are you willing to

    Work Environment

       Research has found that blue is best used
          in places where men work and a warm camel
          color in women's work areas.

       Reason:  Men feel five degrees warmer
          than women at the same room temperature.

       (Wagner Institute for Color Research, Santa Barbara, CA)

    These "Management Files" are mainly for Middle & Senior Management and Business Owners. The various topics are meant to remind and to stimulate management thought.

    Please note: Our firm does not carry-out or furnish research in these areas. This area of the Select, Assess & Train Web site is available only as a public service to foster thought and better management in today's fast-paced environment when the human factor of business is often taken for granted and/or even overlooked.   We are not a source of facts.

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